A new feature in the Chrome Canary web browser allows you to add passwords manually

A new feature in the Chrome Canary web browser allows you to add passwords manually

It seems that Google is experimenting with extending password managers in Chrome-u to allow you to manually add passwords, which would solve the problem because you currently have to visit every new site you want to save and be asked to save a new password, or you would have to (re) import the entire database of passwords from another browser, which adds a bunch of useless or outdated junk to your browser’s saved passwords.

A new feature in the Chrome Canary web browser allows you to add passwords manually
Google Chrome Canary web browser (source Google)

This feature has been spotted in the latest Chrome Canary 98.0.4725.0 in a new patch installed on Chromium Gerrit, and in a future version of Chrome or Edge it might also be possible to download the theme color from Windows, not just in the address bar, which is already possible in Windows 10 and Windows 11, but also in elements such as text boxes and button elements.

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Further, the manual password feature is actually already available in Chrome Canary and can be enabled as follows:

Type chrome://flags in the address bar and press Enter
In the Search flags box, type Add passwords
Turn on the # add-passwords-in-settings tag from Default to Enabled

After restarting Chrome, you’ll now have an “Add” button right next to exporting passwords in the drop-down menu.

When you click Add, you can add passwords to your content, just as you would with any other auto-fill information such as saved addresses. Although it is possible to edit manually saved passwords such as automatically saved ones, unfortunately it is still not possible to edit a web address.

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However, since this feature is now part of the Canary channel, it will take some time before it reaches the stable version; Google Chrome version 98 is scheduled for February, so if all goes well, this option should reach all users sometime in the first quarter of next year.

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