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A NUVEM ROSA (2021, BRA) – 6.5/10

If we hadn’t experienced the coronavirus pandemic, we would probably have placed this Brazilian film that premiered at Sundance in the drawer of those cautionary dystopias that most certainly will not happen. Immediately in the opening credits of this stylized SF drama, screenwriter and director Iuli Gerbase (whose “A Nuvem Rosa” or “The Pink Cloud” is his first feature film) writes that he wrote the script back in 2017, while the filming was done in 2019. years. So, before that annoying covid appeared in Wuhan, China and completely changed all our lives, and for a while almost completely closed us in houses and apartments, Gerbase came up with an idea for something very, very similar.

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But the big difference here is that people will be locked in apartments and houses by some kind of mysterious toxic pink cloud, not a virus. One day a pink cloud will appear over Rio de Janeiro or any other Brazilian city and whoever inhales it will drop dead almost instantly. The government will immediately declare a state of emergency and everyone will shut themselves in their apartments waiting for the danger to pass, and in one apartment they will find Giovana (Renata de Lelis), a young woman who the night before picked up the young chiropractor Yago (Eduardo Mendonca) for a casual sexual encounter. . What under normal circumstances would end immediately the next morning, for Giovana and Yago, will turn into a long-term unexpected and not at all wanted life together since they will both be locked in the same apartment.

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Weeks, months and even years will pass. They will also have a son, and while the slightly phlegmatic Yago will almost completely get used to the situation, it will not be so easy for Giovani. When you are forcibly imprisoned in the same facility with someone, then it is quite difficult to break the relationship, and even though “Pink Cloud” was filmed before the coronavirus pandemic, it is completely impossible to watch it outside of that frame. It is a film that examines the issue of loneliness and isolation, and although almost the entire film takes place in one interior, Gerbase did it quite solidly as a director, presenting himself as an author with style and a sense of visuality. The pink color prevails, which seems to be some kind of ironic symbolism for anything but a pink reality, and it’s just a pity that “A Nuvem Rosa” turned out to be one of those films built around an interesting idea, but with an obvious lack of solutions to conclude. and closed an otherwise solid story.

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