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ADRIANA’S PACT (2017, CHILE) – 7/10

The young Chilean documentary filmmaker Lissette Orozco decided to follow the path that her colleagues also took, and as her debut film, she recorded a personal story. A story from her family, and the focus of “Adriana’s Pact” is her aunt from Australia, Adriana. Adriana has always been Lissetta’s favorite aunt and she remembers the moments when the whole family would welcome her when she arrived in Chile from Australia once a year. However, on one occasion Adriana and her family were met at the airport by the police and arrested on charges that she had worked for Pinochet’s secret services in her youth and that she had participated in the kidnappings, murders and torture of political dissidents.

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The young and somewhat naive niece or author of the film was 23 years old when her aunt was arrested and decided to make a film about her own investigation of her aunt’s past. In the meantime, Adriana managed to sweep back to Australia and claims that she is not guilty of any of the charges against her and that she did not know about all the horrors that happened during the Pinochet dictatorship. This film is particularly interesting because it is at the same time a personal drama about a family secret that was hidden and pushed under the carpet and something that was not talked about, but also a documentary that shows how Chilean society today actually looks quite favorably on that dark period and everything that was happening.

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Just as in certain circles of our society there is nostalgia for the Ustasha and that dark period is subsequently tried to beautify and beautify, we understand that the situation is similar in Chile. We can also see there that there are those who are nostalgic for the time of Pinochet’s dictatorship and many who are still convinced that everything that was done then was something logical and necessary. If by any chance there were any crimes, no one knew about them and no one saw or heard anything, but this young author will bravely set out to deal with the ghosts of the past. She will constantly try to confront her aunt with the accusations and testimonies of numerous people who place her where the crimes took place, but we will also see how that pact, a true vow of silence, is extremely strong and no one wants to say anything.

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