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CATCH THE FAIR ONE (2021, USA) Movie review, plot, trailer

He deserved this extremely realistic, shocking and extremely brutal revenge thriller audience award at the Tribeca Festival, and the story was conceived by American boxer and world welterweight champion Kali Reis. This boxer is half Indian, half Capo Verde, and she also played the lead role, former boxer Kaylee. She will go in search of her younger sister Weet, who was abducted and sold into prostitution, and no one is looking for her anymore, because hundreds of similar girls and girls disappear every year. From the first to the last scene, “Catch the Fair One” acts incredibly raw, raw, dark, brutal, hyperrealistic and extremely violent.

Unfortunately, such is the hemisphere Kaylee will enter to try to track down her younger sister. She will be able to track down a group that smuggles people and will voluntarily get inside and present herself as another in a series of girls who want to do that. Everything that will happen here is really painful and horrible, and the most shocking is the realization that something identically probable is happening. When Kaylee searches for her sister and asks if anyone has heard anything about her, the counter-question she will constantly encounter is “do you think we remember the name?”. All these misfortunes for these patients are just one form of goods (when a new group of girls arrives, they collectively call them “Batch” or shipment), and what will happen to them later, absolutely no one cares.

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Although for Reis this was her first role, her obvious acting inexperience seems like a big advantage here. A woman tattooed all over her body, with countless piercings paired with men seems quite intimidating, and in her look and attitude it is clear to us that she is a person who has nothing more to lose. Boxing days are obviously behind her and she sleeps behind a homeless shelter, working as a support staff at a typical American Diner where she snatches leftover food from a plate. After her sister went missing, she was apparently stuck with drugs, and it is obvious that she blames herself for Weeta’s disappearance. And before she infiltrates the chain of smugglers, it’s clear to us that she’s preparing for something that’s definitely not some boxing match because she’s sleeping Kaylee with a razor in her mouth, and that shows her determination and ability to endure unimaginable pain and suffering.

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Based on the idea of ​​Kali Reis, the screenplay was written and the film was directed by feature debutant Josef Wladyka, who has so far trained on episodes of various famous series such as “Narcos” or “Walking Dead”. One of the producers is the famous American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, and this vengeful thriller is anything but nonsense like “Taken” and similar Hollywood crap. Probably the plot is not accidentally located somewhere in the interior of New York in the middle of winter when everything is gray, muddy, full of snow and ice, so the photo is somehow gray, gloomy, dark. This only emphasizes all the evil that hides below the surface, all the hopelessness and hopelessness, cruelty and, what is saddest and scariest of all, complete disinterest in the fate of such people from the margins of society.

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