Color options for the Samsung Galaxy A33 announced ahead of the official launch

Color options for the Samsung Galaxy A33 announced ahead of the official launch

Samsung has launched a lot of low-end and mid-range A-series smartphones this year. The company has unveiled its most affordable 5G A-series smartphone, the Galaxy A22 5G. It also offers the Galaxy A52 5G as its premium 5G phone in some markets. The company is reportedly also working on the launch of the Galaxy A13 5G, which is probably its most affordable smartphone. Another Galaxy A series smartphone that could appear soon is the Galaxy A33. New leaked information has revealed possible color options for Samsung’s upcoming A-series smartphone. Let’s take a look at more available details about Samsung Galaxy A33 5G before its launch.

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Galaxy A33 Release Date

Samsung has not yet confirmed the launch date of the Galaxy A33 5G. However, the Galaxy A series smartphone is expected to be launched early next year 2022 in January. On the eve of the launch, the team at the Galaxy Club revealed some key details about the device’s color options.

Galaxy A33 Color options

The report claims that Samsung will launch the A33 5G in four color options. According to the leaked information, the A33 5G will be launched in orange, light blue, black and white. The same colors will reportedly be available on the A53 5G as well.

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Color options for the Samsung Galaxy A33 announced ahead of the official launch
Samsung Galaxy A33 (source: Samsung)

Samsung has already used its Galaxy A series phones in blue, black and white. Therefore, light orange will probably replace lavender / purple in this series.

Other than this, nothing else is known about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A series smartphone. The report also states that Samsung will probably not launch the device in 4G variant.

Samsung launched the Galaxy A32 in the first quarter of 2021. So we can expect the company to refresh its mid-range A-series next year at about the same time. We will share more details about the device when it becomes available.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Price

Expected price for a new Samsung Galaxy A33 should be around $300.

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source: gsmarena

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