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CREATION STORIES (2021, GBR) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

In another in a series of films about the British music industry and the people who started it, we learn the story of the Scottish manager and producer and founder of the independent record label “Creation Records” Alan McGee. It is a film that is stylistically completely on the trail of previous and much better films on similar topics (Good Vibrations about the Belfast music scene or 24 Hour Party People about the Manchester music scene, for example), but all those who like such typical, nostalgic, feel good pop films. or rock music with “Creation Stories” will certainly not fail. The film is based on McGee’s autobiography from 2013, and the screenwriter of the cult “Trainspotting” Irvine Welsh took care of the script. Therefore, it is not surprising that “Creation Stories” was stylistically and narratively made in the wake of this cult Scottish film, and the title role went to Scottish actor Ewan Bremner, still best known as Spud from “Trainspotting”.

Interestingly, McGee was originally supposed to be played by Ewan McGregor, but McGee himself vetoed his performance believing that McGregor looks too good physically for his impersonation. That’s why Bremner turned out to be the perfect choice, and “Creation Stories” is definitely one of those fun, turbodynamic films laden with good music, anecdotes and mythomania that are hard to dislike. will one day have their own punk band. Very soon he will go to London with his best friend, but fate will play out so that their band will never become successful, but that is why McGee will be very successful.

“I may be talented, but I’m running things,” points out the eternally drunk and drugged McGee who constantly acts like he’s on cocaine, speed or some other “crane”. A real renegade and rebel, a hyperactive maniac with a nose for discovering new bands and trends, and a man who knew how to find himself in the right place at the right time. We follow the narrative story from his perspective as he reveals his life story to an American journalist. And it all works the way it usually does in the minds of guys who have spent years and years drugged and drunk. Blurry, in the fog, it is difficult to discern what really happened from all this, and what is the fruit of his imagination and fantasy.

But it is an indisputable fact that McGee discovered bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, and he achieved the greatest success of course with Oasis. And just as McGee’s life was obviously completely chaotic, so is this film. He is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy and the brink of a heart attack, his record label is on the verge of shutting down on several occasions, and then he discovers a new band that becomes successful. And so in a circle, from the bottom to the top and back several times, and we also have episodes in which they will eventually be sold to corporations, but also when they will naively enter politics and then, of course, leave it listed and cheated. Everything here is a bit on the verge of grotesque, but there is no denying that “Creation Stories” is an extremely entertaining film. Rating 7/10.


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