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DEADLY CUTS (2020, IRS) – 6/10

Anything and everything was thrown into this Irish black comedy, and writer and director Rachel Carey set “Deadly Cuts” in a fictional northern suburb of Dublin called Piglinstown. It is clear from the name of the neighborhood that it is a poor part of the city where the rare surviving working class lives. The heart of that part of town is the “Deadly Cuts” hair salon, and just like the rest of the neighborhood, they are terrorized by local criminals. Racketeering, extortion, mistreatment of everyone and everything are everyday life, including the salon, and by chance these hairdressers will become the avengers who will throw themselves into cleaning the neighborhood from this scum.

But that is not the only problem for them because there is good old gentrification. A local politician would demolish the salon and build a shopping center on that site, and of course the owner and her employees are not enthusiastic about that, but clearly they have an answer for that as well. They will apply for the national hairdressing competition where their main rivals will be “Hair Dressing Royalty”, but the lowlifers from Piglinstown have an answer for that too. In the end, “Deadly Cuts” was more of a sleaze than a funny and funny movie, loaded with all possible stereotypes and clichés, which at times seems like a bloody revenge parody, and at other times like some kind of children’s movie. Pretty mediocre.