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DELPHINE ET CAROLE (2019, FRA) Movie review, plot, trailer

In this biographical documentary composed exclusively of archival material, we meet two prominent members of the French feminist movement from the 1970s. Delpine Seyrig was a French actress who had a number of notable roles during the 1960s and 1970s, particularly in the cult film “Jeanne Dielman” by Belgian Chantal Akerman.

Carole Roussopoulos was a Swiss experimental filmmaker and documentary filmmaker, and two of them started the feminist film society / commune “Les Insoumuses” in the mid-1970s, and they made activist films, focusing on the position of women in society.

Through Delphine and Carole we learn a lot about the French women’s rights movement from the late sixties to the seventies and how these two women with their radical approach and through the influence of the media wanted to change the position of women in society. Rating 6.5 / 10.


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Delphine et Carole, insoumuses / Delphine and Carole trailer