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DET SOM GÖMS I SNÖ / THE TRUTH WILL OUT Series review, plot, trailer

It has long been known that Scandinavians have practiced in filming dark, police, thriller series, and those who love this subgenre will certainly not miss “The Truth Will Out”. After the tormented detective Peter Wendel (Robert Gustaffson) appeared in 2018, three years later came the second season, which partly continues the first. This series is inspired by real events and perhaps the most famous judicial scandal in Sweden, and is a typical offshoot of Nordic-noir. After spending a long time on sick leave due to a mental breakdown after his brother’s suicide, Wendel returned to work. He has been given the task of forming a team to deal with the long unsolved murders, and immediately the first case that Wendel and the team will receive will prove to be extremely sensitive.

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It turns out that the man who confessed to the eight murders will withdraw the confession and Wendel and his team will really realize that the real killer is at large. Clearly, the justice system will not just admit the mistake, and the situation is all the more complex because Wendel’s ex-wife now works for the attorney general with whom the detective has had a lot of problems in the past. After his brother was killed, Wendel was in a lunatic asylum for a while because he was convinced it was not a suicide, but that someone had killed his brother Urban, also a police officer, and set him up to look like a suicide. In parallel with the investigation of the case in which his type is also in charge, this mentally unstable type whose life is in chaos will try to find answers to the questions of what happened to his brother.

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Just as has been the case with similar Nordic-noir series before, the scenery is quite similar and familiar. Everything here is somehow cold, dark, gray, the cases being investigated are extremely morbid and brutal, and in parallel with the investigation of the crime, we are monitoring, to put it mildly, the private lives of the characters. In addition to Wendel, the team will include a detective who is being investigated by internal control because there is a suspicion that she stole money from dealers, and a detective who is tired of police work and plans to switch to real estate sales. And they have a past of their own, so that this subterfuge also spices up this dark crime series with which those who like this rather dark police genre will certainly not go wrong.