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ENTWINED (2019, GREECE) – 6/10

An unusual mix of modern arty fantasy and folk horror was shot by Greek debutant Minos Nikolakakis. If the lore of a country is imbued with myths, legends and legends, it is probably Greece, so “Entwined” could at least partially be called a modern variation on the theme of the mermaid, or whatever the name of that fatal image that befuddled Odysseus and his companions. This modern siren will completely turn the head of the 35-year-old doctor Panos, who, after the death of his father, went to the isolated and desolate village of Alyti (that’s the name of the film in the original) in the interior of the Peloponnese.

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On the way there, Panos will hit a girl with his car, who will run away when he tries to help her, and in the village he will find mostly elderly people who don’t experience him much. By the end, we will understand why only old people live in the village, and the atmosphere is kind of eerie, ominous, partly because the place is surrounded by a forest where no one goes because according to ancient beliefs, one should not go there. But the doctor, who is bored because there is no work at all, will start exploring the forest, and there he will soon find the girl he hit with a car a day earlier.

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Danae (according to Greek myth, that’s how the mother of the hero Perseus was called, but I haven’t found any more important links) speaks in a strange archaic dialect and suffers from some strange skin disease, and lives with an old drunk guy who she claims is her father. However, we will soon realize that her uncle is probably not her father, and when Panos returns to her again, she seems to cast a spell on him and realize that it has become impossible to leave the forest where she lives. As in some Greek myth, Panos will remain almost condemned to life with a mysterious girl who will drive him completely crazy, and while it will seem like years pass by, she will always be the same. And “Entwined” was more of a dark fantasy than a classic horror and a film from which I expected at least something more.

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