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FIRESTARTER (2022, USA) – 3/10

The novel “Lighter” was published by Stephen King in 1980, when he was probably at his creative peak (coincidentally or not, since the man stopped writing at the end of the eighties, his books have become less and less successful), and already four years later, a film of the same name was made . Almost four decades later, here we have a remake signed by Keith Thomas (solid The Vigil), and like the vast majority of remakes, reboots and the like that are filmed today, “The Firestarter” is a complete disaster of a movie. Not even the classic 80s synth music of John Carpenter, who at least had enough sense and self-awareness to stop making movies and retire when he realized his time was up, didn’t save this miserable remake. And, as far as I remember, neither is the original film from 1984, in which the girl with telekinetic and other powers was played by Drew Barrymore, but this is even weaker.

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In short, it’s a horror film about a girl whose parents, as students, took part in some kind of experiment that gave them telekinetic powers. And just like in that old beer commercial – when two golden hornets knock, they call the third one, so after they once knocked, a golden hornet arrived in the form of a girl who has a special power. And not only telekinesis, but also pyrokinesis because the little girl Charlie can light a fire with the power of her mind. But the child does not yet know how to control her power, so her activities will be noticed in the laboratory whose bosses will send an Indian with superpowers to find her. And until the end, “Firestarter” will turn into a parade of nonsense and stupidity, and it is really a great success to watch this senseless horror to the end.

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And it’s more than sad to see various butchers destroying a quality literary template that obviously served some much more talented people than those behind the new “Potpaljivačica” to record something of quality. Of course, these people are the Duffer brothers, creators of the popular sci-fi series “Stranger Things”, which also features a girl with telekinetic powers. The girl who goes by the name Eleven is undoubtedly based on the character Charlie from King’s novel, but that’s where all the links between this movie and the series end. Everything that could have gone wrong here – from the disastrous and utterly boring screenplay, the uninventive direction to the completely uninspired acting.

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