Gaining weight from stress

Weight gain from stress and how to recognize it?

Most often we blame genes or a fine meal that we can’t resist. But for the wider waist and the accumulation of fat deposits, we can also thank stress. Stress is something we encounter almost on a daily basis, and scientific studies have shown that it significantly affects our health mentally and physically. Even if we have a proper diet and if we exercise regularly, chronic stress will prevent weight loss and turn the situation into weight gain. How does it look like weight gain from stress?

Our body reacts to stress just as when our lives are in danger, the brain sends signals to the body that it is time to relax strong hormones. here comes the elevated adrenaline that will relax the stored energy that we can fight or take shelter. There is also an elevated level of cortisol or a stress hormone that tells the body that it needs to store energy to prevent calories from running out. This is why there is a feeling of hunger to store calories.

Gaining weight from stress can be recognized when our body is in that state where it warns us that we need to watch out for calories. In these situations, there are strong desires for sweet, salty and fatty foods. Such foods will stimulate the part of our brain that is responsible for the feeling of enjoyment in order to reduce tension. People who are under chronic stress will often reach for food as comfort. Cortisol, a stress hormone, will thus store fat deposits and cause weight gain and various other problems over time such as diabetes or heart disease.

Gaining weight from stress
Gaining weight from stress (source: Pinterest)

Gaining weight from stress and how to fight it?

When we see that we are under extreme stress then we should actually exercise. Moving our muscles will be effective in fighting stress because the body will think we are running away from sources of stress. Exercise alone also stimulates circulation so that cortisol will reach the kidneys faster where it will be released from the body. If we want to permanently reduce the level of stress and its impact on the body, then we should engage in some increased physical activity up to 3 times a week.

Gaining weight from stress will also ask us to slow down with that food. When we eat under stress, we often overeat and swallow food quickly, even if it is healthy food. This behavior leads to too much food in the body, and it naturally accumulates in fat deposits. To prevent weight gain from stress it is important to chew food more slowly and longer to prevent overeating, this way we will quickly feel full and also reduce the level of cortisol in the blood.

Tips to prevent weight gain from stress

Yes, you can fight stress with exercise and diet, but there are also some more tips that can help you. If you are prone to dieting and abrupt discontinuation of certain foods, it is recommended that you stop doing so. Research has shown that cortisol rises by as much as 80% in diets because we have taken away the foods we are used to. Eat normally, three meals a day with desirable snacks. Also indulge in desires if you have them. Gaining weight from stress will not occur if you eat sweet, salty or fatty foods, so it is important to control your desires.

Try only two days a week to afford “guilty pleasure” food. When we are under stress it would also be advisable to avoid caffeinated beverages that only raise cortisol levels. Also take care of sufficient intake of vitamins B and C as well as magnesium, you can solve this with a good breakfast containing yogurt, citrus fruits and whole grains. Gaining weight from stress can also be prevented by quality rest and sleep from 7 to 8 hours.

source: webmd

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