Honor 70 - the premiere of the new Sony sensor and battery in two days (video)

Honor 70 – the premiere of the new Sony sensor and battery in two days

A little more than a year has passed since the premiere of the Honor 50 model. The 60 model has been skipped, and the changes it brings with it Honor 70 are both subtle and serious. Very similar in dimensions to the Honor 50, the new model managed to pack a larger screen, a new chipset, new cameras and a much larger battery into an almost identical case.

We can’t really say that the new phone is design-wise the same as the previous one, and we can’t say that it isn’t either. The two circular modules on the back are now separate units and significantly more dominant, housing three cameras and an LED flash. Like it or not, the design is striking and you’ll hardly mistake it for a phone, especially if you stick with a prismatic back model that looks like it came off the shelf at a Swarovski jewelry store. We were not so lucky, and we received a model with an emerald green back for testing. Less striking, but very likable.

Design-wise, few manage to change anything when it comes to smartphones over the years. So it’s been a long time since the Nothing Phone 1 that we’ve seen something really new when it comes to looks. On the other hand, Honor tried to break the stereotypes a bit with its new model. After all, look.