How long does a cat live?

How long does a cat live?

Do you know how long a cat lives?

Cats are a favorite pet. In fact, according to popularity, they are side by side with dogs. If you have a cat, you definitely want to know everything about it, including its lifespan. To calculate the age of dogs, you probably know the formula: one dog year is equal to seven human years, so all you need to do is multiply dog ​​years by seven.

Do you know how long a cat lives and how to calculate her age? The answer to the question of how long a cat lives will depend on a number of factors: whether it lives in the wild or at home, how stressed it is, whether it suffers from any disease. Cats live an average of 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of cats living outside is shorter because they are exposed to numerous risks such as illness, car crashes and the like. In any case, a cat older than 10 years is considered an old cat, and then you can already notice changes in the fur, but also in behavior: they are calmer and sleep more.

How long does a cat live and how to convert cat years into human ones?

If you are interested how long a cat lives you should first know how to convert feline years into human ones. That way, you’ll know at all times how old your cat is and how many years of life he or she still has ahead of him or her. Unfortunately, calculating feline years into humans is not as simple because the development of age in cats is not as linear as in humans.

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Namely, in the first two years, the cat develops very quickly, in fact much faster than a human. The reason for this is evolutionary, because the cat had to quickly train to hunt in order to survive. In the second year of life, the cat is as old as a 24-year-old man. After this period, a cat’s age begins to be as linear as human age, and each feline year corresponds to four or five human years. In other words, a cat that is 10 years old can be equated with a man that is 56 years old. How long does a cat live? Twelve years would be an average, although depending on the circumstances a cat can live up to 20 years in rare cases.

How long does a cat live and what does their lifespan depend on?

You’ve probably heard of that saying a cat has nine lives. This saying came about because cats, when exposed to potentially deadly situations, somehow survive. However, you do not want to rely on this popular, scientifically incorrect proverb, and you want to know how long a cat lives. Cats live an average of 12 to 15 years, however this figure will vary considerably depending on a number of factors.

Genetics are crucial for the longevity of cats, so some types of cats simply live longer than others. Some species are susceptible and susceptible to disease, while others are more resistant. In addition to genetic factors, the answer to the question how long a cat lives will also depend on how you care for that pet. That is why regular visits to the vet and proper nutrition are of great importance. If, on the other hand, you like to prepare cat food yourself, make sure that the food consists primarily of protein, and that it does not contain artificial additives. Fish, chicken and other lean meats are a great choice!

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source: petmd

Cat Lifespan On Average ? | How Long Do Cats Live ?

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