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INEXORABLE (2021, BEL) – 7/10

The Belgian Fabrice du Welz (Calvaire, Alleluia, Vinyan) continues to shoot dark thrillers that seem to try to explore those dark places in people. “Inexorable” (we would translate it as inexorable or unyielding) was a slightly weaker film than his best works, but it is still a good thriller that fans of the genre should not miss. Unlike most previous films, he shot “Inexorable” in a somewhat classic thriller style, almost in the footsteps of Hitchcock, to whom he clearly refers especially in the scenes when the camera moves over the countless stairs, corridors and rooms of the magnificent castle in the Belgian province that he has just entered moved by the Bellmer family.

That castle once belonged to the father of the publisher Jeanne (Melanie Doutey), who is married to the famous writer Marcel (Benoit Poelvoorde). He became famous more than 20 years ago with a hit novel called “Inexorable” and apparently he is in a creative crisis because he has never been able to repeat the success. Their ten-year-old daughter Lucie moved to the castle with them, and her father had just bought her a dog to keep her company in the castle, which is still in the renovation phase. From the outside, their life seems idyllic, but even before the mysterious girl Gloria (Alba Gaïa Bellugi) sneaks into it, who will be hired as a housekeeper and babysitter for their daughter, there is an inkling of some unusual dynamics in the relationship and that Marcel is the dominant figure. and that everything adapts to him.

And while the Bellmers, typical carefree members of the upper class, have no idea that accepting Gloria will not bring them anything good, it is clear to the viewer that something is wrong with this girl. She presents herself as Marcel’s big fan, but her intentions are not clear to us until near the end. At first she seems like a nice, polite and hard-working girl who will very quickly and easily seduce everyone, especially Lucie who will see her as a role model, but very soon we will understand that she has some hidden intentions. Some dark secrets from the past will slowly begin to come to light, Gloria will slowly turn family members against each other and bring chaos into their lives, and by the time the Bellmers realize what they have let into their house, it could already be too late.