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INVENTURA (2021, SLO) – 7/10

Somehow, I watch Slovenian films the least often of the cinematography of all the countries created by the breakup of Yugoslavia, but this mysterious humorous drama is proof that sometimes we should pay attention to the creativity of our northwestern neighbors. “Inventura” is also the debut feature film of screenwriter and director Darko Šinko, and a seemingly accidental shot in the direction of the apartment of middle-aged Boris Robič (Radoš Bolčina) will completely change the life of this auxiliary worker at the university. Who would even shoot at this guy who seems more average than average can’t be, is a question that the viewer must ask himself, and the thought that someone tried to kill him will completely begin to haunt Boris.

One night, someone will fire two shots from an automatic weapon in the direction of his study, and although the police will try to convince him after a short investigation that they were stray bullets and that he was not the target, Boris will become completely paranoid. He will start making a list of friends and acquaintances, then even closer relatives, and he simply won’t be able to move on with his life until he finds the answer to the question of who shot him. He will even find a man with the same first and last name as his, so he will start the investigation himself, considering that this guy was the target, and that the killer got confused and went after him. Boris will think about what he hid from whom in his life, and his paranoia will become such that he will start considering the options that his wife and son planned his murder.