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IVANNA (2022, IND) – 6/10


I was hoping that this supernatural horror could continue the solid Indonesian streak I started with “Pengadbi Satan” and its sequels, “May the Devil Take You”, “Impetigore” and “The Queen of Black Magic”, but this was it something weaker. This film actually belongs to the franchise started with the horror “Danur” (unfortunately, I didn’t know this before watching it) which could be compared to the American franchise of the “Conjuring” type, and it was at the level of generic horror we are used to seeing. from America. Everything we will see here, we have already seen in various American horror movies, and here the action takes place in a house possessed by some supernatural properties.

What it is about, to be guessed in the prologue that takes us to the year 1943 and the time when the Japanese started the occupation of Indonesia and put an end to the colonial rule of the Dutch there. The massacre that took place in that house will mark it exactly half a century later, i.e. in 1993, when the film’s sequel takes place. After the death of her parents, the girl Ambar, who had almost completely lost her sight, moved with her younger brother to the same typical colonial house. Of course, they cannot know what happened there half a century earlier, but Ambar will begin to experience visions of terror and horror there and will realize that the spirit of the Dutch landlady Ivanna still lives there. Although the director Kimo Stamboel has confirmed that he is a man with talent in earlier films, he did not have much opportunity here because the script is completely generic, and the story is unnecessarily drawn out and boring.