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LA TREGUA (1974, ARG) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

It was this romantic drama by Sergio Renano and the first Argentine film ever nominated for an Oscar, but it is clear that “La Tregua” or “The Truce” had no chance against Fellini’s “Amarcord”. Renan made the film based on Mario Benedetti’s 1960 novel of the same name, and it was the first film directed by the then extremely popular Argentine actor. It seems to me that this was a kind of attempt at modernism and that Renan’s role models were European art films from a decade earlier, and the melodrama is about a 49-year-old widower Martin (Hector Alterio) who will be in a relationship with a twice younger colleague. sent by Laura (Ana Maria Picchio). Martin has three children as old as his new girlfriend. The oldest is the embittered Esteban (Luis Brandoni), the middle is Bianca (Marilina Ross) who seems to be the only one trying to understand her father, and the youngest son Jaime (Oscar Martinez) is a homosexual who is still hidden in the closet.

Before meeting Laura, accountant Martin seemed to come to terms with the fact that all the good things in his life had already happened to him. He reconciled himself to his fate, in which year he intends to retire (long live the pension system of Peronist Argentina!), And he accepted that his life was like that. His wife apparently died young, and he did not make much effort to find a new lady, but focused on work and raising children. But when he meets Laura, Martin seems to gather the courage to make some changes in his life and accept some risks that he would not have even thought about a few months earlier. However, the age difference is a big problem and the fear of the reaction of the environment will influence Laura and Martin to keep the relationship a secret.

Interestingly, the two actors who embodied Martin’s sons, Luis Brandoni and Oscar Martinez, later turned into perhaps the leading stars of the Argentine film scene. Although “La Tregua” is perhaps one of those films that have been somewhat forgotten and despite the fact that it is not a film that deserves to be remembered, Renan’s film from today’s perspective brings an interesting insight into the then Argentine society. Rating 7/10.


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