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MARK, MARY & SOME OTHER PEOPLE (2021, USA) movie review, plot

MARK, MARY & SOME OTHER PEOPLE movie review, plot

Mark (Ben Rosenfield) and Mary (Hayley Law) decided to get married very soon after they met and fell in love. They are in their mid-twenties and typical are the modern, somewhat hipster couple who will soon try to spice up their lives with an open relationship. Although Mark won’t be overly enthusiastic about Mary’s proposal at first, they will set some rules to follow, but it’s easy to assume that once they start experimenting, it won’t end well. After she started acting at a very young age, Hannah Marks (1993) quickly threw herself into writing and directing, and a few years ago she also introduced herself to the atypical romantic humor drama “After Everything”.


She also presented this completely atypical indie humorous romantic drama in Tribeca, where she even won the award for best screenplay in the American feature film section. Just as was the case with the previous film, it is an interesting approach to the often worn-out and sugary genre of romantic comedies and there are some interesting moments, but it remained quite uneven and still mediocre. However, thanks to the fact that she is a representative of that younger generation, Marx made another film that tries to show today’s relations in a realistic way, without excessive pathos. Unfortunately, it was as if Marks couldn’t decide until the end whether she wanted to make a fluttery and relaxed comedy or whether her goal was a serious emotional film, so “Mark, Mary & Some Other People” stayed somewhere in the middle. 

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