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MESSIAH (2020, USA) – 7.5/10


We learned a long time ago that people tend to believe in various logic and common sense simply impossible and unrealizable stories that go against all the laws of nature, so there is a belief that one day some kind of messiah will appear again and everything will be wonderful and wonderful. However, that is more likely than, for example, HDZ turning from a party of kleptomaniacs and the worst scum into a party of honest people, which of course will not happen in this American mini-series, but a person who they are convinced is the messiah will appear there in the Middle East. He will appear in the capital of Syria, Damascus, which is currently besieged by the army of the Islamic State. A mysterious long-haired young man will slowly gather a growing following, and after a sandstorm appears over Damascus that will stop the siege, he will lead two thousand Palestinian refugees from Syria towards the border with Israel. At that moment, many of them are already convinced that he is really the messiah or al-Masih, the reincarnation of the savior, a divine being sent by God himself to save the world and end suffering.

After the charismatic al-Masih (Belgian actor of Tunisian origin Mehdi Dehbi) stops in front of the barricade on the Israeli-Syrian border, it is clear that the Israeli army will immediately arrest him as a person causing riots. However, he will continue to perform miracles already in an Israeli prison, and after miraculously escaping from a strictly guarded prison, he will arrive in America via Jordan. And not just anywhere, but in a small town in Texas where a tornado had just destroyed all the houses except for the church, which was the only one left intact. Soon, al-Masih will begin to gather a growing following in America, and it is interesting that he will choose a preacher in debt, Felix Iguera (John Ortiz), as the host.

The arrival of a charismatic young man from the East who many believe is truly the messiah will cause complete hysteria in America. While many are convinced that it is really a sign sent by God, of course there are also many skeptics, as well as those who would try to profit from it. CIA agent Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan), a skeptical woman who lived through a family tragedy, will take on the task of finding out who this young man is and what his real intentions are. She is convinced that al-Masih is part of some terrorist organization whose goal is to bring chaos and unrest among people, and the situation will become more and more chaotic when the mysterious charismatic Texas preacher leads to Washington.

They will be followed by a real army of those who want to believe that the promised messiah really has finally arrived and hope for new miracles, and the situation will become more and more politically tense practically all over the world. And it must be admitted that the series created by the Australian Michael Petroni is intriguing and very well portrays today’s social climate and times. However, as time passes, the story deflates a bit and becomes predictable, and numerous situations that will occur nevertheless become unconvincing and illogical. Anyway, the way it looked in the first five, six out of ten episodes, I had the impression that something similar would happen in reality if some guy appeared whom the breadwinners might think was the messiah.