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MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (1946, USA) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

Wyatt Earp is one of the greatest icons of the Wild West and it is almost impossible to count all the films made based on his character and work. The legendary gambler and sheriff, who is best remembered for the OK Coral showdown, lived long enough (born 1848, died 1929) to start making films about him during his lifetime. Admittedly, in the 1923 series “Wild Bill Hickok” filmed by his friend William Hart, he was just one of the supporting characters. So very soon after his death he became the prototype of a Wild West hero, a righteous man and a peacemaker whose character has been used dozens of times in these last nearly a hundred years. Randolph Scott, Burt Lancaster, James Garner, Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner tried out for the role of Wyatt Earp, and Herny Fonda played the role of the legendary sheriff in the classic western of John Ford.

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Admittedly, Wyatta and the other Earp brothers are introduced at the beginning of “My Darling Clementine” as cowboys chasing cattle from Kansas where Wyatt is the sheriff of California in Dodge City. Along the way, they will be intercepted by local bully Clanton and his sons demanding that he sell them cattle, and when Wyatt refuses to do so and heads to the nearby town of Tombostone, he will leave his youngest brother James to look after the cattle. The Earps will soon realize not only that Tombstone is a city without a sheriff and where there are no laws, but the laws of the stronger and faster on the revolver, but that someone killed their youngest brother and stole their cattle.

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Like any real cowboy, Earp will look for the culprit and prepare revenge for him, and in the meantime he will meet an equally iconic character from the Wild West, Doc Holliday (Victor Mature), a doctor who suffers from tuberculosis, and he is equally fast on a revolver. and known for it throughout the West. The story of the showdown at OK Coral is probably well known to everyone, so even those who don’t really like Westerns have probably heard of it, and although this western with today’s famous story, albeit spiced with hints of romance, may seem a bit archaic, it is considered one of the canonical examples of this typical American genre. Rating 8/10.

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