New BMW M4 GT4 G82 2023 racing car photo teaser

BMW Motorsport has announced the future racing M4 GT4 G82 with a short announcement and one drawing.

New BMW M4 GT4 G82 2023 specs

This is what we have so far, it is known that the new M4 GT4 will get, among other things, an adjustable rear spoiler, a new front spoiler, wider fenders, M Performance exhaust system, as well as an engine with about 470HP.

New BMW M4 GT4 G82 2023 (source: BMW)


2023 BMW M4 GT4 G82 price

As for the price, it will most likely be around 170,000 euros in Europe or $210,000 in the United States.

New BMW M4 GT4 G82 release date

New BMW M4 GT4 racecar will launch sometimes in 2023

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