New Dragon Age 4 game release date, price

Dragon Age 4 (or just Dragon Age) is still one of the biggest mysteries of the current gaming scene. We saw the announcement of the fourth game from this great RPG series a few years ago. But despite that, Electronic Arts and Bioware are still pretty stingy with any information related to the said game, and all the details we’ve been getting lately have arrived from a few reputable insiders and leakers.

Dragon Age 4 game release date

Namely, Grubb claims that the development of the new Dragon Age is progressing according to plan and that it should be on sale sometime in the next 18 months. This further means that Dragon Age 4 should be out sometime in late 2023, which definitely makes sense, as the games in the series so far have mostly (with the exception of the second part) come out during the holiday season.

Given that BioWare definitely has its hands full, this scenario, in which a good part of the resources are shared between the new Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, certainly sounds realistic, and since EA has a few more big titles in preparation (Respawn’s three Star Wars games, new Need for Speed, Dead Space remake), there is a chance that the new Dragon Age will eventually skip this year’s EA Play, which will probably be held in June.

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Dragon Age 4 game will be available for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox Series X/S

Dragon Age 4 game cost

Expected price for a Dragon Age 4 game is $19.99 for the standard version and 39.99 for the deluxe version.

source: pcgamesn

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Dragon Age 4 News Update: Current State of BioWare, Future Plans & More!