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NOBODY HAS TO KNOW (2021, GBR) – 6.5/10


The Belgian Bouli Lanners wrote and directed the romantic drama in which he played the main role – the mysterious Belgian Phil who settled on an isolated island in the north of Scotland. This middle-aged Belgian man, about whom we know nothing, works on a sheep farm, and after a stroke, he will experience amnesia. His old boss’s daughter, Millie (Michelle Fairley, or Mrs. Stark from “Game of Thrones”), will help him in his recovery, an eternal loner who will tell Phil that the two of them were in a secret relationship. Although Phil remembers absolutely nothing, he will believe that it really was like that, and love will begin to grow between two lonely people.

But what if Phil regains his memory and realizes that it wasn’t quite as Millie told him? Lanners filmed an emotional drama in which the environment itself plays an important role, so it is not surprising that we have a handful of wide shots and the harsh, windy and cold Scottish wilderness. So even though Phil may seem like that on the outside, he will surrender to love and a secret relationship with a woman who everyone on the island considers a freak because she has never been married and no one remembers if she has ever been with a man. Just because she’s too worried about what people around her might say if it’s found out that she’s in a relationship with Phil, Millie wants them to stay a secret, but Phil can’t understand why they should be hiding when they’re both at least fifty years old. .