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OCCHIALI NERI (2022, ITA) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

After ten years, Italian horror legend Dario Argento retired from directing and made a film that is almost so bad that it is actually good. Unfortunately, the key word when it comes to “Dark Glasses” or “Occhiali neri” is over because this was so banal and stupid that it’s hard to connect at all that it was recorded by the same visionary who brought us “Profondo Rosso”, “Suspiriu” or “Tenebre”. Old Dario seems to have been overwhelmed by the spirit of Croatian trash filmmaker Zvonimir Maycug (whoever missed his Calvary, be sure to find it somewhere) because this is so bad that it’s very hard to believe. Although acting in Argent’s best films was not a forte, here it is as if he gathered a team performing in the Italian “Blood is not water”, and while directing them, it was as if he had a stroke or was drunk all the time.

Argent’s films of the seventies and eighties were kitsch in the aesthetic sense, but kitsch with style and vision, while “Black Glasses” remained only kitsch. I was even kind of sad to watch this horrible horror about an expensive prostitute who lost her sight and was targeted by a serial killer who kills prostitutes. The only thing Grandpa Dario is (he was 81 years old when he made this film) is still in the form of horror and violence scenes, and everything else is at the level of the weaker B film. The story here is so stupid and banal, as well as the ultimate dismissal and the reason who is there and why the killer at all that a man almost comes to explode his brain. Some minimal plus is the good synth almost Carpenter music from the eighties, but it is very difficult to catch something positive and quality in this bizarre cherry. Rating 2/10.


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