Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: The first foldable to survive a complete disassembly

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 it survive a complete teardown

It is not an easy task to completely teardown a collapsible phone with a flexible screen, and then reassemble it. Zack from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel has now succeeded for the first time, although it is the same Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 the device even suffered damage from an earlier endurance test.

Anyone can disassemble a mobile phone more or less well, but a true professional is recognized only when he reassembles it. Of course, this also applies to ordinary smartphones, but even more to folding ones, which pose completely new challenges for disassembly experts, especially if they remove the flexible but usually very fragile AMOLED screen from the chassis.

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The opening of the Galaxy Z Fold3 has only recently shown again what can go wrong and how complex the plastic and ultra-thin glass layers of Samsung’s premium folding device are. The challenge of opening the little brother to the fold was huge and let’s just say – it worked.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: The first foldable to survive a complete disassembly
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (source: JerryRigEverything)

Despite a previous endurance test, Zack is off the canal JerryRigEverything he managed to teardown the Galaxy Z Flip3 to the hinge, then reassembled it and made it work. Not only were the two batteries, speakers and other components such as the USB-C charging port removed, the plastic AMOLED on the front was also carefully separated, giving us insight into the cooling layers beneath them and silicone water protection for cable connections between the two halves of the housing.

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A complete repair of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is basically possible, although you need not only the appropriate spare parts, but also a lot of patience and experience.

More Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 news: Samsung wants to double its 2022 Galaxy Z Flip phone shipments.

Samsung Z Flip 3 TEARDOWN! – Lets try something new…

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