Star Wars Eclipse game is still very far from release date

At this year’s The Game Awards show, we were greeted by a confirmation of a rumor related to the new game from the Quantic Dream studio. We learned that Star Wars Eclipse is the new title of the author of great interactive thrillers such as Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls (and, unforgettable, Fahrenheit). We also saw the premiere trailer and found out a few details about the story itself. However, on this occasion, information regarding the platform for which this game is intended was missing, and the approximate date of its release was not revealed. Quantic Dream definitely had a reason to omit such details because, as we find out, it will be some time before his game sees the light of day.

Star Wars Eclipse game is still very far from release date
Star Wars Eclipse game (source: Quantic Dream)


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New details about this achievement come to us from the well-known insider Tom Henderson, who was among the first to publish leaks related to Star Wars Eclipse, and according to what this leaker discovered, the game will not come out for at least another three or four years.


Namely, Henderson claims that Star Wars Eclipse is still in the early stages of development, and the main reason for this lies in the inability of this development team to “strengthen” in numbers, as it still has a rather bad reputation in a not so good working climate.

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According to his information, Quantic Dream Paris is working on the script for the game, which means that the main man of this studio, David Cage, is definitely involved in its development.

Most Likely the game will come to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms, but it seems less likely that Star Wars Eclipse will be available for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Star Wars Eclipse game release date and cost

Star Wars Eclipse game is expected to be released sometimes in 2024. and as for the price of the game we can only speculate, is’s expected around $50.

source: starwarseclipse

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