Maserati MC12 Concept

The new Maserati MC12 is a super car made by Maserati that appear in the Asphalt series. The MC12 and the Ferrari Enzo share the similar chassis and engine. The new MC12 is a limited manufacture two-seater sport car produced by Italian car producer Maserati to permit a racing alternative to compete in the FIA GT Championship.

Exterior and Interior

The body of the car, prepared entirely of carbon fibre, under went widespread wind tunnel test to achieve utmost downforce crossways all surfaces. Consequently, the back spoiler is two meters (79 in) extensive but simply 30 millimetres (1.2 inch) thick, the underside of the automobile is smooth, and the back bumper has diffuser to take benefit of ground effect.

The cabin boasts a simply removable top, which instantaneously convert the new Maserati MC12  from a coupe to a spider. The cabin itself is the essence of elegance as well as sportiness. It is easy and understated, typical of an tremendous car yet also display the meticulous care as well as finish that have turn into a classic Trident signature. There is outstanding harmony among the high tech-effect carbon feature, the perforated leather trim in addition to the striking yet high-grip hard technical fabric too.


Engine and Mileage of Maserati MC12

The new Maserati MC12  sports a 232 kilogram 5,998 cc (366 cu in) Enzo Ferrari-derived V12 engine, mount at 65°. Each cylinder has four valve, lubricated through a dry sump system, and a compression proportion of 11.2:1. These combine to offer a utmost torque of 652 newton meter (481 lbf·ft) at 5500 rpm as well as a maximum power of 630 PS (460 kW; 620 hp) at 7500 rpm. The redline rpm is indicate at 7500—in spite of being safe up to 7700—while the Enzo has its redline at 8200 rpm.


Release date and Price of Maserati MC12

Price is about £560,000 including VAT; manufacture run limited to 50.

What made the Ferrari enzo extraordinary was that its power plant had an extra 27 horsepower as well as four pound-feet of twist to play with. In spite of its awkward look and being overshadowed by the Ferrari Enzo, the Maserati MC12 remnants one of the most powerful super cars of the mid-2000s. It blend both Maserati’s early race heritage and high-quality crafts manship, and that is what made new Maserati MC12  ideal in the eyes of Maserati enthusiast and super car collectors.


One of its Kind: Maserati MC12: Video