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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2022, USA) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

Today’s Hollywood obviously has a fetish for horror classics, and the legendary “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” has arrived for slaughter. Admittedly, this was the ninth sequel to the franchise started by Tobe Hooper with the cult slasher back in 1974, featuring the infamous Leatherface, but one just can’t believe it’s possible to record something so stupid. The new “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a film so stupid that a man just has to start having a meninges pain. It is a brutal slasher in which blood literally flows in streams, a rmpalija with a motorbike and other equipment cuts people in half, crushes their heads, but all this violence is completely meaningless and terribly idiotic.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film 2022
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Movie (source: youtube screenshot)

The very premise of this sequel is so imbecile that it is difficult to comprehend. Half a century after Leatherface’s original mockery of the youth who wandered into his shore, he is still alive and well and ready for new adventures. A group of influencers who are planning to turn the ruined place into a hipster’s paradise went to an abandoned town in Texas. A bus of similar crap arrives there, and of course it turns out that the town they bought is not completely empty and that their behavior has awakened an evil that seems to have been under control for almost fifty years. Woke culture has arrived in neglected, rural Texas, and I must admit that I enjoyed it a bit while Mr. Kozofaci (who should be at least 70 years old) massacred all these influencers.

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They didn’t get along or manage to turn on the live broadcast on Facebook, TikTok or whatever, and this one has already butchered them. This unnecessary reboot is completely meaningless, and while the original 1974 film is one of THE horror, a horror film that literally freezes the gut contents for several reasons, this is just gut contents. All these reboots, remakes, unnecessary sequels that are being recorded today by obviously completely untalented people who seem to have never looked at the original templates are getting on my nerves. Rating 2/10.


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