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THE CONTRACTOR (2022, USA) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating



Chris Pine and Ben Foster as two brothers shone in the great “Hell or High Water”, but the reunion of these two in almost fraternal roles this time did not work so well. This time, they are not brothers in blood, but brothers in arms, former commandos who once saved each other’s lives in the US Marines, and now they are both in private business. James Harper (Pine) has just been discharged from the military because it was revealed that he used narcotics to treat pain in a destroyed knee. Such an elusive and physically almost destroyed veteran, the army just got rid of, and it is clear that he is in serious financial trouble.

All that is left is the salary of a woman (Gillian Jacobs), a teacher, loan installments are coming, and his friend Mike (Foster), who already works for a private military company specializing in delicate tasks, will appear as the savior. And as it already goes in similar action thrillers, James was told that the job is good and not overly dangerous, and the money or $ 350,000 for a mission around Berlin is incredibly easy. Of course, none of this will be true, but it will turn out that the veteran (Kiefer Sutherland) who runs the company has kept a lot out of them. Their mission is to supervise a Middle Eastern scientist (Fares Fares) for whom there is information that he could work for terrorists.

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The situation is more delicate because the scientist is a virologist who is allegedly working on a swine flu vaccine, and it will soon become clear that the mission of the special forces who arrived in Germany incognito is to steal data from the laboratory. Of course, it will turn out that they naively ran into this mission and that their lives are in danger and that those who hired them want to get rid of them as soon as they provide them with what they need. And it was “The Contractor” in the end a solid action thriller, a bit clancy or Bourne. A conspiracy thriller like the ones that were popular twenty or more years ago and a film that would once have had a solid turnout in theaters, and today its destiny is streaming. Although the initial construction and basic premise were even interesting and intriguing, “The Contractor” quickly perished in clichés, standard plot and illogicalities from the film directed by the interesting Egyptian-Swedish filmmaker Tarik Saleh (quality thriller “The Nile”). Hilton Incident “), however, I expected at least something more. Rating 6.5 / 10.

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