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THE CURSE (2022, GBR) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating



After the absurd murder mystery series “Murder in Successville”, the duo of Tom Davis and James De Frond released a crime – comedy mini-series set in London in the eighties about a group of complete idiots who will accidentally carry out a robbery for which they are heavily undercapacitated. While it’s obvious that “The Curse” is a limited-budget series, the circumstances and environment of the recessionary London of the 1980s, which began to transform from an industrial city under Margaret Thatcher to a financial center of the world, are solidly portrayed here. Of course, not everyone could deal with finance, banking and investing, and there were a handful of those who tried to make ends meet in various ways.

So in the first episode of this at times hilarious mini-series we meet a society that will decide on a robbery that will completely change their lives. Natasha (Emer Kenny) and Albert (Allan Mustafa) are a couple who have a restaurant in some miserable part of London, and the rest of the team gathers there. Davis chose for himself the best and funniest character, Big Mick, a hollow gorilla who was once a boxer, a grotesque caricature that elicits laughter as soon as one sees and even hears it because the guy has such a stupid voice that it’s worth pissing off with laughter. There’s also Phil, a jerk who does petty business for local gangsters who will also hear that this socialite is plotting some action.
To give the whole story a little seriousness, the robbery devised by Natasha’s stupid brother Sidney (Steve Stamp) will involve two serious criminals who also come to the restaurant, and it turns out that the loot is much higher than the expected $ 50,000. They’ll run into gold bars worth tens, maybe hundreds of millions of pounds, but when two serious criminals from this team end up in jail, the undercapacitated and completely incompetent guys will have to fend for themselves on a treasure they have no idea what to do with it. Fortunately for them, it will be shown that the London police are not much more capable, but of course this society will not be able to keep its mouth shut and that the story that they did some serious work will spread very quickly.

It was “The Curse” series that can be easily watched in one shot (six episodes of about 25 minutes), which certainly had more potential than what it delivered, but it must be admitted that at times it was fun, witty and completely absurd. While the character of Big Mick was probably supposed to be just part of the ensemble, this grotesque maniac stole the whole show and every time he shows up, it’s complete hilarity. It’s hard to remember when such a group of incompetents, unrealistically sloppy people who have no idea about anything, gathered in one place, and it’s easy to imagine how this story could end. Rating 7/10.


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