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In this ultimately more than solid drama by the experienced French filmmaker Catherine Corsini (Replay, The Worlds, Summerime), there will be cracks or breaks on several levels. Not only that the middle-aged caricaturist Raffaella (Valeria Bruna Tedeschi) will break her elbow and end up in the Paris emergency department where chaos reigns because large protests are underway that have turned into a street conflict between the “yellow vests” and the police. Her relationship with Julie (Marina Fois) will also break, and she finally decides to leave her because she can no longer live with such an egoistic person. However, we will understand by the end of this drama with humorous elements that the main fracture or breaking of bonds refers to French society, which is completely divided, schizophrenic, quarreling and different class and social structures are no longer there and do not try to understand each other.

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And Bruni Tedeschi is again in good form as a loud woman who thinks only of herself, so even when she comes to the emergency room, she doesn’t bother too much with the fact that there are countless people in trouble, but only thinks of herself and wants to push through the line . The exact opposite of this member of the bourgeoisie, some of the upper middle class, is a truck driver from Nimes, Yann (Pio Marmai), who was injured during a protest with the police, and he wants to leave the hospital as soon as possible because he has a ride already in the morning and if he doesn’t show up, he could lose his job . There are many other people around them, Julie will also arrive at the emergency room to check what’s up with Raffaello, and in order to further enhance this complete chaos, Corsini decided to use a hand-held camera and the viewer really has the impression that the situation there is completely out of place controls.

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And as the situation outside will heat up as the clashes between the police and protesters will approach the hospital, Raffaella and Yann will be forced to cooperate. At the end, Corsini recorded a well-thought-out social critique that was premiered in the main program of the Cannes festival, and although “La Fracture” is more of a drama than a classic comedy, this film was nominated for the European Comedy of the Year. It is a film whose symbolism is actually completely obvious and undisguised, and through all that chaos we see that all these people have much more that connects them than what separates them. And when all these superficial differences settle down, like the question of why the bourgeoisie votes for Macron while the working class, which protests against him fiercely, turned to the right and Le Pen, they will realize that they are all in the same problems.

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