The late Maradona was expelled from the FIFA games

A final verdict has been reached, concluding that Electronic Arts no longer has the right to portray Diego Maradona in FIFA games.

In late 2021, a former lawyer for the late footballer Diego Maradone sued Electronic Arts for using Maradona in FIFA games. The lawyer claimed that the contract with Electronic Arts was concluded without a legal basis, and the Argentine court agreed with him in a non-final judgment. Now that verdict has become final, and Electronic Arts has been forced to “suspend” Maradona from Fife 22.

Maradona was available in Ultimate Team mode as part of football icons and had three different versions / cards. Now all those cards come out of packages, drafts and Squad Building Challenges. EA Sports said that they are disappointed with this court decision and hope that one day they will return one of the greatest football icons to their games.

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source: eurogamer

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