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THE SECRET OF SINCHANEE (2021, USA) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

Another weak and thin horror in which little works and which, for some difficult reason, I managed to watch to the end. As if it were a historical or biographical film, in the introduction we have a written explanation of some Indian spirit / demon Sinchanee who has lived in the Northeast since the 18th century. But that’s not all! or as it already goes in those stupid TV sales because in addition to ghosts and demons we have an ancient pagan cult that for generations and centuries has been trying to erase from the face of the earth all those who carry that demonic gene. The icing on the cake is the irritatingly bad acting of practically everyone, even the rather anonymous actor Steven Grayhm, the screenwriter and director of this chaos who gave himself the lead role.


He’s Will Stark (nothing to do with the Game of Thrones Starks, I guess), a trucker in his forties who suffers from insomnia, and he returned after his father’s suicide to the house where he grew up. Through flashbacks we learn that this house has always been one of those haunted houses, and even while Will was a child under unexplained circumstances his mother and sister were killed.

He would sell the house, but no one will buy it because of its history, and as Will is plagued by eerie nightmares and even more eerie visions, corpses will begin to reappear in this rural part of Massachusetts. It is clear that the two police officers working on this case, also ex-spouses, will somehow reach Will, and along the way we will learn the legend of Sinchanee, a new tribe of Indians created by mixing natives with white newcomers and the Atlantow cult who vowed to exterminate such if it needs to now, deep in the 21st century.

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This combination of thriller and horror remained quite confusing, unconnected, stretched, even over-explained, and all those who bypass this film will lose absolutely nothing. Rating 5/10. 


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THE SECRET OF SINCHANEE Official Trailer (2021)