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TOGETHER TOGETHER (2021, USA) Movie review, plot, trailer

Matt (Ed Helms) is a forty-something single man, a successful programmer who has decided to finally have a family. And in a completely unconventional way, because obviously Matt could not find a woman with whom to have a child in the classic way, he looked for a volunteer (of course, with financial compensation) who would be a surrogate mother to his child. His ad was also responded to by 26-year-old Anna (Patti Harrison), a girl of Eastern descent, also a soloist who works in a cafe, and the money will come in handy because she is finally planning to enroll in college. And Anna will be chosen by Matt and so will begin their unusual relationship over the next nine months in this even sympathetic fringe-romantic humorous drama premiered at Sundance.

Screenwriter and director Nikola Beckwith, for whom this was the second feature film, managed to avoid falling into the expected clichés that this indie film would certainly fall into if it was shot in a classic Hollywood production. More of “Together Togerther” is a film modeled on Woody Allen (whose classics Annie Hall and Manhattan are mentioned by the characters during the conversation) than on those sweet and slimy romantic comedies in which two people meet, fall in love, break up, run after each other on airport, reconcile, then stop again, get cancer and then be cured and then stop again to finally reconcile anyway. It seems quite lively and both characters are quite interestingly built and as time goes on we will get to know them better and better, just as they will get to know each other.

Ed Helms, who we probably still remember best as a drunken dentist who goes completely crazy when he dies and grits his teeth in “Hangover” is perfectly suited for the role of a withdrawn, geeky loner who didn’t have the luck to find a soul mate to start with. family. To guess that he may have been married or in a long-term relationship, but obviously it didn’t work out and he’s been alone ever since, even though he’s actually quite an ok guy who also has money. Anna is also quite a complex character. After giving birth as a high school student and giving the baby up for adoption, she left home and cut off all contact with the family. They can’t be more different, but the situation they will find themselves in will lead them to start getting closer, and the performance and result of all this will be quite surprising, in the end maybe disappointing for romantic sweethearts who like to fuck rom-coms.


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