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ULTRASOUND (2021, USA) – 5/10

On the way home, Glen gets caught in a storm. His car will break down in the middle of nowhere, and he will find refuge with a somewhat suspiciously benevolent middle-aged fat man, Arthur, who will offer him his young wife, Cyndi, along with a warm bath, a place to stay and refreshments. At the same time, we follow the story of another young woman, Katie, who is in a secret relationship with a mysterious older guy, and there is also the scientist Shannon. She begins to question participation in a bizarre experiment whose main guinea pig is the gentleman from the beginning of the story, that is, Glen.

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“Ultrasound” turned out to be one of those mindfuck, twisted sci-fi thrillers that just gets tangled up and in which most of the time we don’t understand what’s going on at all, and the main problem is that the debut screenwriter Conor Stechshulte and the director Rob Schroeder not only failed to unravel it , but it wasn’t nearly as fun as I’d hoped. It is a low-budget indie film of B production, in which some unknown actors appear. From beginning to end, it seems quite uncomfortable, completely confusing, and the only person more confused than the audience is the unfortunate Glen, whose situation will become more and more complicated by the minute.

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