Uncharted 5 is reportedly in development

In a series of new rumors by various insiders of the gaming industry, it was the turn of Sony’s Uncharted series. Although it seems totally unrealistic to give up on this mega popular series, years go by and there is still no word on the new sequel.

Uncharted 5 is reportedly in development
Uncharted 5 is reportedly in development (source: Sony)

The latest to happen regarding the series is the announcement of the release of the trilogy, and the remasters Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for PC, which should happen next year. But now we have the first indications that the fifth sequel of the game is planned, for PlayStation 5. So insider and youtuber Foxy wrote on their Twitter profile that the new Uncharted game is in development for PlayStation 5. More details are not shared, and should be keep in mind that such information cannot yet be verified in any way. Neither Sony nor Naughty Dog, nor the new development studio in San Diego that was rumored to be working on the new Uncharted last year, have announced or confirmed anything yet.

Although the fourth sequel has brought an end to Nathan’s adventure, all fans of the series know that there are a few more characters who can continue on a journey similar to the one Nathan had. This is especially clear after the events at The Lost Legacy, and even those aren’t the only options to continue the story. But concrete and official information about the new Uncharted game does not yet exist.

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