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VEZDESUHTIYAT / OMNIPRESENT (2017) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

Emil (Velislav Pavlov) is a successful writer and owner of a marketing company who will strangely begin to manifest some form of midlife crisis. After his immobile father thinks someone is stealing his antiques from his house, Emil will set up a hidden camera to find the perpetrators. But Emil won’t stop at just one hidden camera. He will also set up surveillance in his own house to spy on his psychiatric wife Anna (Teodora Duhovnikova) and teenage son, the old general’s girlfriend from the communist era, and will set up cameras in his company’s offices. And Emil will put a microcamera in his glasses and film everything around him, and he will become completely obsessed with watching everything that happens.

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Clearly, this will turn into a complete disaster because sometimes it is better not to know all the details about the people around you and their secrets. Emil will also use the fact that he is following everything that is happening to seduce his twice younger colleague, and he will bring his obsessive hobby into complete chaos that will not bring anything good to anyone. The whole story was set by screenwriter and director Ilian Djevelekov from Emil’s perspective, and he is both the narrator and we constantly hear his thoughts in the voiceover. Although it seemed that “Omnipresent” or “Vezdesushtiyat” in the original could unravel in the direction of comedy, nevertheless Djevelek decided to direct this interesting story in a more serious direction, with of course occasional (trace) comic situations to break the mood.


This film was once a Bulgarian Oscar nominee, and in the selection for the best Bulgarian film of the year he was chosen not only as the best film, but Djevelek was chosen as the best director, and Pavlov and Duhovnikova won awards for best actors. This whole story seems quite voyeuristic and once Emil is completely addicted to spying on loved ones, there is no going back. He doesn’t seem to be able to stop and he will spend practically all his time watching surveillance camera footage he put together to make a mosaic about the behavior of people in his environment, not even realizing that his behavior is the most abnormal and that he is the cause of all the chaos. started happening before the cameras. Rating 7/10.

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