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WET SAND (2021, GRU) – 6.5/10


At the festival in Locarno, Georgian filmmaker Elena Naveriani presented a drama set in the provincial coastal villages there, which irresistibly reminds of similar Adriatic towns in the sixties or seventies, before mass tourism appeared there. A fishing and almost completely deserted village on the Black Sea, it is one of those places where everyone knows everything and where the few inhabitants peacefully enjoy their solitary life. But everything will change one day when in his house they find the lifeless body of the old sailor Elik, a guy who was never accepted by the locals and who was always a stranger to them. It will be shown that the terminally ill Eliko, who always kept to his privacy and was quite distant, hanged himself, and in order to organize the funeral, his granddaughter Moe arrived in a place she had not been to since childhood.

At first glance, this mysterious and determined girl stands out from the locals and it is obvious that she is a city girl. To guess that Moe is a lesbian because she seems kind of tomboyish and will click best with a local waitress who shows similar affinities. Very soon it will become clear that the peaceful little place of good people is actually an illusion and that practically all those who live there are hiding some secrets, living in lies, pretending and acting. We will understand that this small village actually hides big secrets, and that it is one of those typical primitive, dull and closed communities that actually led Elika to her death. It is a slow-paced film with a melancholic atmosphere that also hides some surprises.