Who invented the cell phone

Who invented the cell phone?

Who invented the cell phone? 

The world has been accelerating by natural evolution since its inception, but the history of mankind also records evolutionary leaps, inventions that have driven revolutionary accelerations, and so it has been since the invention of the wheel. Since the industrial revolution, the world has been accelerating more and more, and the invention of the mobile phone, like every revolutionary invention, has completely changed the world. Although the mobile phone has been debated among scientists since 1947, Martin Cooper was listed in 1973 as the one who invented the mobile phone and launched the world’s fastest.

The CEO, then a small company of Motorola, created a prototype of today’s mobile phones weighing 1 kilogram, it stored 30 numbers, one battery charge allowed 1 hour of talk time, and a new battery charge took about 10 hours. The first demonstration of its use even provoked ridicule from inventor Martin Cooper, who even tried to discredit him as a drunkard who only wanted fame and recognition, but his name was written in response to the question: Who invented the cell phone?

Today, life is unthinkable without a cell phone

Martin Cooper was an entrepreneur and inventor, an electrician by education, a child of Ukrainian immigrants, born in Chicago, and what he did in the then small Motorola did not stop his dreams and visionary desire to be able to make phone calls at any time, wherever he was. Yes, the first cell phone was the size of a brick, but it worked and started the digital age. Today, life is unthinkable without a cell phone, so it’s time to know who invented the cell phone, without which you’re not going anywhere.

Who invented the cell phone
Who invented the cell phone? (source: Pinterest)


Of course, it took time for it to become a commercially viable product, to become affordable for consumers, but here it is who invented the cell phone has proven and demonstrated that even brick can roll and change the world. The mobile technology industry has simply exploded, and competitive competition is constantly bringing more sophisticated new mobile phone models to market, with more and more features, applications and innovative and creative solutions, and having the first latest mobile phone model on the market has become a matter of prestige.

Until that fateful day in 1973, on the streets of Manhattan, if you wanted to make a phone call, you had to do it from your home or from your office phone, and not every house had a phone. Who invented the mobile phone, who said “I’m calling you from a mobile phone, I’m holding it in my hand, it’s real”, Martin Cooper said this enthusiastic sentence when he called Joel Engel, head of mobile communications development at a competing company. the moment the world sped up dizzyingly.

Today, when every child has a cell phone, it may be hard to understand that the first cell phone was invented at a time when not every house had a phone. Today, when some mobile users buy a new model of mobile phone every year due to technological improvements, new, better, cameras, antivirus protection, higher memory and speed, it is important to remember its creator and pay tribute to him. who invented the cell phone and with it launched a whole new and different way of life of the modern world.

source: WIKI

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