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WORST ROOMMATE EVER (2022, USA) – 7.5 / 10

Here’s another Netflix true crime documentary series that, as the name suggests, deals with cases involving someone’s roommates. It is not “Worst Roommate Ever” content that can be compared in quality with the best offshoots of this subgenre. It will be that Americans in recent years have started flirting with the cases of their most famous patients and maniacs, so they cracked all the most interesting and high-quality stories, but for those who are interested in this topic and “Worst Roommate Ever” should be interesting. This five-part series consists of four stories that vary a lot in terms of interest and quality.

Somewhat surprisingly, the two best stories are left for last, and what they all have in common is that they are incredibly bizarre, even obscure. In the first story, this term “roommate” is actually almost marginal because the episode deals with a case from the late eighties when a homeless man from Sacramento was adopted by an elderly lady who owned a home for such people. When the homeless man disappeared, and his social worker found it strange that the man had just disappeared, it turned out that something much darker and scarier was hiding there. The remaining three stories happened relatively recently, and the last two are stunningly amazing, bizarre, sick, and really bring stories of roommates from the worst nightmares.


In one of them, the young American will regret that she chose Chile for her trip after graduation, where one of her roommates will be a serial fraudster and sociopath from Denmark, and in the last one, divided into two episodes, we learn that there are people in America called serial squatters. One such patient, who is also a lawyer by profession and well versed in the law, will ruin the lives of several women whose apartments he has moved into over the years and who could not get rid of him.