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WORTH (2020, USA) movie review, plot, trailer

Can the value of human life be calculated? The question of how much one’s life is worth money sounds very cold, not at all empathetic to those who have lost a loved one, but the fact is that today there are numerous court and civil proceedings in which it is calculated by various parameters and then determines the amount of compensation. This is exactly the question that the drama directed by Sara Colangelo (The Kindergarten Teacher), based on a screenplay by Max Borenstein (Godzilla), deals with. The question of how much money is worth someone’s life will be before a legal team that will try to reach a just solution to pay compensation to the families of those killed after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

WORTH movie review and plot

Well, more than 20 years have passed since that event, and it is still probably an extremely painful and difficult topic for Americans. Countless feature films and documentaries about 11/9 have been made in these two decades, but the topic covered by “Worth” has not been mentioned much and few people have thought about it. Very soon after the terrorist attack, the US government set up a fund to compensate the families of the victims, and the not-so-pleasant and easy task of determining who should receive compensation was accepted by a legal team led by Ken Feinberg (Michael Keaton). We quickly realize that he is a capable lawyer who specializes in litigation in which compensation is paid to the families of the victims. Although it is clear to us that he is an honest man and that he set out on this unenviable task with good and just intentions, we will understand that he is a man who does not have any social intelligence.

He seems insensitive, as if he does not know how to communicate with “ordinary” people, and he will try to put all the dead in a certain formula and calculate how much each of them was worth. According to certain parameters, they will calculate how much someone’s family lost financially in the death of a loved one. Whether the lives of a CEO and a janitor who died in the same place are worth the same is one of the questions Feinberg and his team will struggle with. But the question asked by Feinberg and his team, as well as the team of authors of this film, proved to be quite difficult to switch to the movie screen, so all this seems kind of dry. While there are many characters here that add some human, empathetic element to this whole story, “Worth” seemed to me like one of those typical television movies. rating 6.5 / 10. 


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