Get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the blink of an eye.  5 quick ways to remove smoke from the room and clothes

5 quick ways to remove cigarette smoke from the room and clothes

Cigarette and its unpleasant smell, how to get rid of it

You would be surprised if we told you that even smokers are bothered by the smell of stale smoke in the rooms, in the car, on their clothes. Yes, it’s true, non-smokers and smokers alike are bothered by the smell of stale smoke on clothes and in rooms. Even if smokers introduce rules in their homes or cars that do not smoke indoors, they still bring the smell of stale smoke on their clothes and hair, which non-smokers immediately notice.

You had guests, some entertainment in your home and you let a cigarette light up in your non-smoking home and you will smell the unpleasant smell of smoked cigarettes for days. But you don’t need to worry, because in addition to the usual opening of windows and doors to expel unpleasant smoking smells from your home, there are tricks you can use.

Our grandmothers also had tricks that quickly and easily removed the smell of nicotine from closed rooms and clothes, ask them and compare with the advice we will give you.

Our grandmothers’ recipes for removing the smell of cigarettes

Our grandmothers’ recipes for removing the smell of cigarettes from closed rooms or from clothes are really effective. In the era when there were no dry cleaners and chemical agents, the agents and foodstuffs that were available in every household were used.

Our grandmothers used vinegar to remove the unpleasant smell of nicotine by filling containers with vinegar and leaving it in the room, but it is also possible to boil vinegar and leave it to evaporate hot in the air. You can also soak a towel in vinegar and place it on the radiator or simply wave the towel around the room.

Apples existed even when our grandmothers were young, so our grandmothers used them in a very simple way, they left a halved apple to draw the smell of cigarette smoke from the room. Activated carbon, charcoal is also a means of extracting the unpleasant smell of nicotine from rooms. It is enough to place it in bowls in the room and the charcoal will draw out the unpleasant smell. If the smell of nicotine has penetrated into the upholstered furniture, rub baking soda and leave it to work overnight, of course deny access to pets until the next day you vacuum the upholstered furniture into which you rubbed baking soda.

A more modern way of removing cigarette smoke

To remove the smell of cigarette smoke, you can also use a steam cleaner for furniture and rooms according to the steam cleaner’s instructions. Steam cleaners are intended to deep clean your rooms and the air in your rooms.

There is also a simple trick with cat litter, especially the perfumed one that removes the smell of cat urine, which is extremely intense, so it will be enough to shake a little cat litter into the ashtray. Maybe you’ve heard of the perfume trick? Spray the cold bulb with very little perfume, so when you turn on the heat bulb, the scent of the perfume will spread throughout your room and overpower the unpleasant smell of cigarettes.

If the clothes are not yet ready for washing, you can put them in a bag with scented bags that you normally use for wardrobes or fabric softener in the form of tissues overnight, and in the morning they will have a fresh smell as if you have just washed the clothes. Coffee grounds are another old recipe for removing smoke from cigarettes, so you can leave it in a container on top of the cupboard and it will remove the unpleasant smell of smoke for days. Some people apply ammonia to the walls, but if you have an elderly person, children or people suffering from some chronic diseases in your home, it is better to use other methods that we have recommended.