Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors NBA player

Klay Thompson injury report, return date

Despite predicting that American NBA player Klay Thompson could return to the basketball courts as early as the beginning of the new NBA season, that will not happen.

Along with Steph Curry, the best player of Golden State, one of the best shooters in the league and a five-time All-Star player, could return only during 2022, said the general manager of the Golden State Warriors from San Francisco, Bob Myers.

Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors NBA player
Klay Thompson GSW (photo source: GQ)

Return Date

“Maybe he’ll come back in December, maybe in January, and maybe later,” Myers told U.S. reporters.

Klay Thompson has not been

on the floor for the past two seasons. A severe injury to the Achilles tendon, but also complications during rehabilitation, forced this 31-year-old to wait a long time.

“If they saw Klaj looking at the floor at the moment, they would probably say that he can play tomorrow. But one is training, and the other is the league and playing five on five. He is definitely not ready to return,” Myers added.

In addition, Myers added that there is an option to send Klay Thompson to the “brotherly” club of Golden State, from the G League, where he would physically steel himself to return to the NBA league.

Klay Thompson NBA Stats

  • PPG 21.5
  • RPG 3.8
  • APG 2.4
  • PIE 10.3
  • HEIGHT 6’6″ (1.98m)
  • WEIGHT 215lb (98kg)
  • LAST ATTENDED Washington State
  • AGE 31 years
  • BIRTHDATE Feb 08, 1990
  • DRAFT 2011 R1 Pick 11
  • EXPERIENCE 8 years

Klay Thompson LEG INJURY, Torn ACL – Game 6 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals

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