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John Wall saga continues, Contract, Stats

The Miami Heat is monitoring the situation around John Wall the Houston Rockets player and hopes for a positive outcome in their favor.

John Wall will certainly not play for the Rockets this season, since such an agreement was reached with the Houston franchise.

The Houston Rockets have Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green in the same Point guard position and are focused on the development of young players.

Because of that, Wall will not play and will not get a minute this season, but he still travels with the team and serves as a mentor to young players, looks like John’s trade is very close. Maybe event Rockets trade him to Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons I can see that happening and even trade John to Brooklyn Nets for Kyrie Irving since Kyrie is no man’s land right now.

Wall is certainly the highest-paid mentor in the history of basketball, as he will earn 44.3 million dollars this season. Steph Curry will only earn more than him.

(Updated January 22) According to the US media, a trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets is on the horizon.

John Wall asked the Houston Rockets to play basketball this season, but after long negotiations he will not play for Rockets team again.

According to the well-informed US journalist Mark Steyn, there is a chance that there will be a trade between John Wall and Russell Westbrook, but the problem is that Houston would not use Westbrook just as they do not use Wall.

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They would like a first-round pick, and the Lakers could offer them a pick in 2027, and it seems that Houston is not too interested in that.

It is unlikely that this “head to head” trade will be completed by February 10, but the chances of including one or two more teams in the trade, according to Mark Stein, are not so unrealistic, but for now such a scenario is not in sight. (Updated January 22)

(Updated January 11) According to Shems Charani, Athletic journalist, John Wall will not play basketball this NBA season. John Wall will not be traded as well, and he will fulfill his contract without playing minutes for the Rockets team for the whole 20121/22 season.(Updated January 11)

(Updated November 30) The New York Knicks are close to trading one of the best player on the team Kemba Walker.

The rumor is that the franchise from New York decided to let Walker in another NBA team and now Knicks are considering what they could get in return. One of the potential agreements is with the Houston Rockets, with John Wall in the spotlight.

Walker lost his place in the top five, and then in the rotation by the decision of coach Tom Thibodeau due to weak performances.

The Kemba Walker is four-time All-Star player, he signed a contract worth 20 million dollars for the Knicks last summer.

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john wall houston rockets point guard nba
John Wall Houston Rockets (source Bullets Forever)

John Wall Contract

John Wall does not want to give up his money, and for the next year, when his contract expires, he has an additional option to withdraw from the contract if he refuses the money guaranteed to him for the fifth year of the contract, which he received in 2017 from the Washington Wizards.

He would be paid 47 million dollars for that year and would have the highest annual salary in the NBA league, so it will be difficult for the playmaker to give up that money.

The Houston Rockets don’t want to pay him off and let him go as a free agent because then they will have to spend the money they give him for a few years, as was the case with Josh Smith in Detroit or Joaquim Noah in the New York Knicks.

Maybe, in the end, they will agree on the payment, if they find the right solution so that Houston would pay him those 90 million dollars and how much they would spend.

If they agree, the Miami Heat will be the first to make a move because they have already contacted the Houston Rockets in the case of John Wall, “RealGM” reports.

The first ones are in line for his signature if he becomes a free agent, but they don’t want to trade for him because they would have to give spades or some young players for another two years and 90 million John Wall contract, so they would go far over celery caps and pay the huge luxury tax.

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John Wall NBA Stats

  • PPG 20.6
  • RPG 3.2
  • APG 6.9
  • PIE 11.4
  • HEIGHT 6’3″ (1.91m)
  • WEIGHT 210lb (95kg)
  • LAST ATTENDED Kentucky
  • CURRENT TEAM Houston Rockets
  • POSITION Point Guard
  • AGE 31 years
  • BIRTHDATE Sep 06, 1990
  • DRAFT 2010 R1 Pick 1
  • EXPERIENCE 10 years
  • CONTRACT: 4 yr(s) / $171,131,520

source: NBA

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