how much do referees get paid in the nba, three referees talking

How Much do Referees Make in the NBA

What is the range of salaries of basketball referees in the NBA league?

The job of the NBA referee is not easy and often the referee is on the wall of shame when the game is over because a losing side always thinks that they got robed.

However, the job of a referee can be well paid, and “Sports Economist” brings us information about the salaries of referees in the NBA league.

How Much do Referees get paid in the NBA

The salary for a referee in the NBA league ranges from $150,000 to $550,000 dollars a year, and in 2018, referees earned an average of $250,000 dollars a year, while in 2021, a referee earned at least $180,000 dollars, says “Sportskeeda”.

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how much do referees get paid in the nba, three referees talking
NBA Referees (source: NBC)

How Much do Referees get paid per Game

It depends on ref experience, NBA refs get paid per game from $1,800 up to almost $7,000 if they make $550,000 a year,

As early as 1994, the salary increased, so NBA referees earned from $72,000 to $177,000 dollars, so in 2009, the NBA league raised that to a minimum of $91,000 dollars in a year.

How much do NBA Referees get paid for Playoff games

During the playoff season, they can make $4,500 for the first-round games, $10,550 for second-round games, $25,000 for the Conference Finals, and $25,000 for the Finals.

The NBA currently has 75 referees for the 2021/22 season.

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How many games do NBA refs work per season

They work 82 regular-season games, the same as NBA players. If you think is easy it is not they have to run the full 48 minutes during the game and sometimes there is overtime so that is at least another 5 min.

NBA Referees Salary [How Much Do Referees Make In The NBA]

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