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How to Disable Pop up Ads in Windows 11

When Windows 10 came out, Microsoft decided to “run” ads on its operating system and that won’t change on Windows 11 either.

person working on Windows 11 computer-on the couch
working on Windows 11 computer (photo source: unsplash)

It all started with advertisements about an application that “makes” you switch to Windows 10 if you are a user of Windows 7 or 8.1 operating system. That ad gave the wrong information to “trick” you into switching to Windows 10. That was a long time ago, but even today the ads are no better.

The ads interfere with the Windows 11 operating system and often cause the Start menu and taskbar to stop working, reports “”.

person working on Windows 11 computer PC
working on Windows 11 computer (photo source: unsplash)

Microsoft immediately announced how to deal with this.

Step 1: CTRL + ALT + DEL and enter the Task Manager
Step 2: Select More details
Step 3: Go to File and Run New Task
Step 4: Type cmd into Open
Step 5: Bold copy this reg delete HKCU \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ IrisService / f && shutdown -r -t 0
Step 6: Press enter and the computer will reset. After that, everything should be ads-free.

That’s how you deal with ads that cause problems.

Windows 11 keyboard black color
Windows 11 keyboard (photo source: unsplash)

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