PlayStation-5-console wit controller

Sony is showcasing PlayStation 5 console with new games on September 9th

The presentation will last about 1 hour and will feature PS5 games made by Sony and other companies.

PlayStation 5 console Fifa 2021 game
PlayStation 5 console and Game (photo source: unsplash)

The Japanese game company is finally ready to show more of what it is working on for the PS5, and on September 9, the company will hold a PlayStation Showcase, where it will showcase new games on PlayStation 5 console.

PlayStation 5 console with controller
PlayStation 5 console (photo source: unsplash)

PlayStation 5 console New Games

One thing you should not expect during the event is the news about the next PS VR device, which will arrive next year at the earliest. However, we may see a sequel to the God of War series, find out more details about the PS5 (and Xbox Series X / S) version of Grand Theft Auto V or even GTA 6, and maybe even hear what’s next for the Naughty Dog studio. Hopefully, they will let us know about games’ price, etc.

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PlayStation 5 Game Call of Duty: Warzone
PlayStation 5 Game (photo source: unsplash)

Sony could also reveal some of the beta testing of the games (as it unlocks the ability to expand the SSD and make some changes to the user interface) that will be available to everyone when the Sony PlayStation 5 software is updated.

The PS5 Unboxing – Sony PlayStation 5 Next Gen Console

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