Ben Simmons Philadelphia Seventies nba player

Ben Simmons saga continues, trade rumors

Australian basketball player Ben Simmons still refuses to join the NBA team Philadelphia Seventies.

Ben Simmons doesn’t want to train with Philadelphia and we just remember that he agreed to pay a $1.3 million fine this summer just to avoid the training.

Ben Simmons Philadelphia Seventies nba player
Ben Simmons Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers (source: NBA)

According to Mark Stein, Simmons still hasn’t changed his mind and doesn’t want to join teammates Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, and other players from the Sixers.

However, Marc Stein further states that the coaches and leaders of Philadelphia are persistently trying to persuade Simmons to change his mind and come to the training camp, but it seems that this will not happen.

Well if Ben Simmons’s free-throw percentage of 61.3 for the 2020-21 season was much higher he could be in a position to choose any NBA team of his likeness, but right now, I don’t think so.

(Updated September 22nd) As things stand right now, Ben Simmons will never play in the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers uniform again.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, who refers to sources from ESPN, Simmons will not report for duty next week when the training camp begins.

Not only that, but he has no intention of ever playing for the Seventy-Sixers franchise again, according to the same source.

Simmons has not been in communication with the team since August when he announced this decision to the leaders of Philadelphia at the meeting.

The Seventy-sixers selected Simmons from the first position in the 2015 draft.

During the 2020-2021 season, Ben averaged 14.3 points with 7.2 rebounds and 6.9 assists.

(Updated September 26th) The latest allegations convey information about an alleged meeting of Philadelphia players that the Australian refused to attend.

According to the local media, the Philadelphia players, including Embida and Harris, wanted to travel to Los Angeles where they would meet with Simmons and try to convince him to stay.

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However, the triple All-Star player said that he did not want to see them and told them not to come.

As he pointed out, he did it because he considers some of them friends and did not want to bother them in crossing so many times, and considering that he does not plan to change his decision.

At the same time, Shams Charania reports the news that Simmons “mentally checked out” of Philadelphia. In translation, even if he remains a member of the Seventies, the question is how much he will be dedicated to that team.

Philadelphia has not yet received a good enough offer Ben Simmons has a valid contract for another four years.

(Updated September 29th) A new detail was presented by Ramona Shelburne from ESPN.

“When you talk to people close to Ben and ask them if he is ready to sit the whole season in the worst possible scenario, the immediate answer is yes,” she said.

Earlier, ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst pointed out that Philadelphia fans also have a stake in Simons’ decision.

“He doesn’t want to be in front of those fans. I don’t think he plans to ever show up there again,” Windhorst said.

It is already known that Ben Simmons will not return to Philadelphia to start the training camp.

There were also allegations that his teammates wanted to travel to Los Angeles to convince him to stay. However, Simmons told them not to come.

(Updated October 1st) It seems that the love between Ben Simons and the Philadelphia 76ers is obviously gone.

The first star of the team, Joel Embiid, got tired of everything, and he criticized his teammate.

Embiid said the team has been building around Simmons over the years and that it was all a mistake.

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“We got rid of Jimmy Butler and that’s something I think was a mistake. All so that Ben could have more balls,” Embiid said, adding:

“The situation is strange, disappointing. We are a better team with him, I will not deny that, but at the moment I am focused on the guys who are here.”

Simmons, let us remind you, wants to go to the franchise where he will be the main one.

Ben Simmons trade rumors

(Updated January 19, 2022) The latest rumor is that Ban Simmons is going to be traded to Sacramento Kings with Tobias Harris in the package, while the Sixers would get Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes. (Updated January 19, 2022)

If Simmons’ wish is fulfilled and he is traded, the best chances at the moment are for him to continue his career in Portland or Sacramento, Toronto Raptors but those are all rumors.

(Updated October 3rd) Ben Simmons has $ 8.25 million less for the current season in the name of the penalty he pays because he does not appear at the Sixers’ premises.

Rich Paul, Ben Simons ‘agent, tried to reach an agreement with Daryl Morey about Simmons’ trade in one of the NBA teams, but no agreement was reached and he is still a Philadelphia player.

According to the American media, Minnesota, Indiana, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, and San Antonio want Ben Simmons, and we will see if Ben wants to join any of these teams.

(Updated October 11rd) Ben Simmons, after all, is returning to Philadelphia?
The latest information from NBA circles indicates that Ben Simmons could return to the Philadelphia 76ers team.

As the journalist of “ESPN”, Adrian Wojnarowski announced, negotiations are underway between the management of the team, coach Doc Rivers and Simmons’ agent about solving the new problem and its return.

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Simmons should soon speak directly with franchise officials, which he has not done since August and the meeting in Los Angeles when he first asked for a trade.

He did not appear at the training camp recently, and since then the dissatisfaction of the fans, and probably a certain number of teammates, towards him, has continued.

But it was decided to give him a new chance, and for Simons to return to Philadelphia.

Ben Simmons Contract, Salary

Simmons will lose a million dollars from his salary when he misses the game against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday.

He has a four-year contract worth $147 million. including $ 33,000,000 for the 2021/2022 season.

Ben Simmons NBA Stats

  • PPG 14.3
  • RPG 7.2
  • APG 6.9
  • PIE 12.8
  • HEIGHT 6’11” (2.11m)
  • WEIGHT 240lb (109kg)
  • COUNTRY Australia
  • LAST ATTENDED Louisiana State
  • AGE 25 years
  • BIRTHDATE July 20, 1996
  • DRAFT 2016 R1 Pick 1
  • EXPERIENCE 4 Years
  • SALARY: 29 million USD (2020)
  • POSITION Point guard

source: NBA

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