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How To Play American Football rules

How to play American Football rules related to the field

American football rules define all aspects of this game. This also applies to the characteristics of the terrain. The playground where American football matches take place is 110 meters long and 49 meters wide. At each end of the court there is a final zone in which there are two pillars that represent the goal through which the ball must pass when the shot is taken after the laying. The end zone is 9 meters long behind the end line of the playground. American football rules the playground is divided into sections of 4.6 meters, separated by a white line.

In the middle of the field and on each half of the field, there are two dashed lines that are 5.6 meters apart. The ground surface is grassy, ​​so it can be natural or artificial. Such large dimensions of the field are a consequence of the very characteristics of American football, which requires a lot of space. The dimensions of the field were also influenced by the number of players that each team has on the field. These characteristics of the field allow players to perform various offensive and defensive actions.

How to play American Football rules regarding equipment

As already mentioned, American football rules clearly define all aspects of this game and so does the equipment itself. One of the most important rules dictates mandatory protective equipment for each player. This refers to the helmet and the kind of armor that players wear on their shoulders. Wearing this equipment is mandatory to reduce the number of serious and life-threatening injuries. In addition to the above, players also wear genital shields and dental shields. Also, players must wear adequate sports shoes.

How To Play American Football rules
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Sports shoes are similar to football players’ shoes and they ensure safe and efficient movement of players on the field. American football rules they also define the appearance of the ball. The ball is oval in shape like in rugby, but it is slightly smaller and lighter. Namely, its length is 30 cm, and its circumference is 56 cm and it weighs between 397 and 425 grams. Each ball should have a kind of tie that allows better grip and better rotation. Today’s balls are made of cowhide.

How to play American Football rules regarding scoring

American football rules define different ways to score points during a match. During a match, an individual team can score several types of points. The team scores the most points when it achieves a touchdown worth 6 points. Touchdown occurs when a player has the ball within the extreme zone of the opposing team. It is enough for a part of the ball to cross the imaginary line above the goal line for the touchdown to be valid. After reaching the touchdown, the team has the opportunity to score one or two extra points by hitting the ball between two tripods from a distance of 14 meters.

Another way the team can score extra points after a touchdown is to organize an attack 2 meters from the goal line. If the attack loses the ball, the defense can score two points by returning the ball to the opponent’s side. Three points can also be scored with a goal from the game. A complete list of American football scoring rules can be found on the official website of the American Football League, the so-called NFL. There you can find other rules related to American football.

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